Linux, Mac, Windows

A level designer is supplied for you to create and share your own maps.

Share your maps by placing them in your web space, both the .wob and files

Others are then immediately able to play your maps by pointing their wobbegong XMP client at your web server.

For example, to see the logFarm wob page:

logFarm's startMap.wob map will be loaded.

To specify a specific map:

wobbegong XMP will load the map: office_floor.wob


Install and run

requires Java (free, no charge) To install just extract this zip file: To run from Windows 7, 8, 10, just double click: wobbebongXMP.jar

or run from a command line:

cd wobbegongXMP ↵
java -jar WobbegongXMP.jar ↵

To see something interesting:

wobbegong XMP will then load the startMap.wob map that resides on this web server ( )



same file :: 10 (ish) megabytes

Linux. Mac, Windows