Author Topic: Meta Automata prototype :: 0.16  (Read 1013 times)


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Meta Automata prototype :: 0.16
« on: Friday 2016-March-04 04:41:33 PM »
version number: 0.16 (prototype)


- tab to select inventory items, left and right brackets [, ] will
  scroll across next and previous pages respectively, selecting the
  inventory items

- shop text is more useful, briefly explaining how to sell inventory

MENDED: tab to show inv' item description, move onto shop, press e ::
      text overlaps

- show blueprint: page number / total blueprint pages

  see blueprints by pressing: B

- cleaned up other overlapping text

- blueprint window requires left-control + return, instead of just
  return; making the keyboard actions consistent

- added a blender object for turrets, press: T

  experimenting with blender objects as interactive objects, in place
  of basic blocks


Speak soon