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Meta Automata prototype :: 0.11
« on: Sunday 2016-February-28 05:02:40 PM »
version number: 0.11 (prototype)


- parasites have a single spawn point as per game's story; they spawn
from a tunnel entrance

the tunnel entrance is represented by a black image on the floor

if the player walks on to the tunnel entrance and presses:

left-control + return

they will be transported to another map

there is a yellow-ish tunnel entrance on maps (after the first map)
that allows the player to traverse backwards to a previous map

so the tunnels are a game mechanic allowing the player to explore
different maps

previously visited maps will maintain any machines already
constructed on them but a player's inventory will only be updated
with more stuff made by machines that exist on the map the player is
currently visiting

- parasites will only spawn if there are parasite-owned or deactivated
machines on that map

so if a player has control of all machines on a map then parasites
will not spawn

however, since bird-machines lay new deactivated machines (where oil
exists) it is likely that deactivated machines will eventually appear
so if the player wants a parasite free map they need to keep an eye
on their mini-map's grey dots and on what bird machines are doing

parasites also only spawn if their spawn countdown = 0

- save file name is now: meta_automata_saved_game

and is currently saved in the user's home directory (Windows users
do have home directory)

F2 to save
F5 to load


Speak soon