Author Topic: Meta Automata prototype :: 0.08  (Read 1040 times)


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Meta Automata prototype :: 0.08
« on: Tuesday 2016-February-23 05:03:49 PM »
version number: 0.08 (prototype)


mended :: crash :: show inventory description, update inventory by adding
          or removing an item

mended: incorrect number of turrets when loading from save file

PART: remove cap on number of spawning parasites

mended: turrets weren't being damaged

- save to file player energy

- performance improvement

- battery blueprint, build battery :: press B key, navigate with: [, ]

- batteries are added to the inventory

  - parasite loot adds batteries to player's inventory
   activate a battery for extra energy:

   - I key for inventory
    - navigate with: [, ] to find the inventory page with a battery
   - press tab to highlight inventory items
   - navigate inventory items with: [, ]
   - select the battery
   - press: left-control and return (together)

- updated item desriptions

- loot does not automatically add to player's energy if the loot
  contains a battery, instead the battery is added to player's


Available from indieDB and

Feedback welcome.

Best regards