Author Topic: Meta Automata prototype :: 0.06  (Read 826 times)


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Meta Automata prototype :: 0.06
« on: Sunday 2016-February-21 06:44:06 PM »
Uploaded a version that will save the game state.

F2: to save the game

F5: to load the saved game state

Currently, the saved file is:

/home directory/

It will be saved in the game directory eventually but for now it's saved in the user's home directory. Windows does have the concept of a home directory. Used forward slashes here simply because that's what I use but the game deals with file separators in a platform specific fashion.

It's a bit buggy. For example if you lay some fence posts, save the game state, close and reopen the game, then load the saved game state, the player ends up with an inventory full of fence posts plus those deployed by loading the the save file.

Also some item properties are not preserved, For example the repair robot's time-to-death is not saved but is reset when the save file is loaded.

Catch you tomorrow hopefully and feedback is always welcome.

Best regards.

PS. forgot to update README.TXT