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Meta Automata prototype :: 0.03
« on: Wednesday 2016-February-17 04:14:54 PM »
version number: 0.03 (prototype):

- player can win by owning all machines

- images are displayed when the player or parasites wins

- after upgrading a machine, machine options are displayed

- placement cursors (no longer) turned red in anticipation of a
bird-machine laying a machine which was confusing

in the future the bird-machine will re-check where they are
laying their machines or a newly laid machine might destroy
whatever else is occupying that space

- items are removed from player's inventory when a missions is

- if player has a mission but parasites win the level then that
mission is reset but other completed missions for that level are

- (added in 0.02) a red counter on the game GUI indicates how many
machines the parasites currently own

the black number to the left is the total number of machines
... which was inaccurate because it only showed the number of
un-owned machines; that has been corrected

- right bracket when inventory is displayed, allowed the user to
display an empty page; confusing so it's no longer possible to page
to an empty inventory page

- inventory page numbers are shown: 1 / 2


New version uploaded to: indieDB

Feedback is very welcome.

Best regards
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