Author Topic: JMonkeyEngine 3.0 Cookbook by Richard Eden  (Read 1149 times)


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JMonkeyEngine 3.0 Cookbook by Richard Eden
« on: Tuesday 2015-September-01 02:03:04 PM »
I have worked hard to get on with jMonkey, building wobbegong and wobbegong XMP with it.

Recently I bought the book: JMonkeyEngine 3.0 Cookbook by Richard Eden

Programming books often read like the author has an impossible deadline, such that getting outside testers to review their programming examples and text is out of the question. JMonkeyEngine 3.0 Cookbook falls into this category.

As I worked through the chapters, I found they all skip important details that would allow the reader to complete the examples and since this book claims to be a 'cookbook', I am left disappointed.

I was planning on using jMonkey to continue work with wobbegong XMP which would have included 2D games but I'm lost with it. For something that is supposed to make game development easier, jMonkey is hellishly complex and buggy.

My opinion is that jMonkey tries to be too much and has no focus. As a result great chunks of the jMonkeyEngine project are too buggy to use, which in turn makes learning it impractical, which leads to zero adoption and a slow, blind death.   

Any of you ever worked on a project where developers only discuss upcoming new features and very few speak about polishing the current version to make it a tripple-A piece of software? This is how jMonkey feels where large pieces of it with obvious flaws are just left hanging out flapping in the wind.

Either remove them or repair them.

With LWJGL-proper I can create games that work on older computer hardware (jMonkey's games have a much higher prerequisite) and that's the plan now. A 2D game using LWJGL-proper.

The pain in my chest seems to be easing as I wave goodbye to jMonkey.