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what is an indie
« on: Friday 2015-June-19 01:17:27 PM »
what is an indie

Being an indie is complicated and diverse; goals and emotions will differ from one indie to another and from one group of people to another; being an indie does not have to mean working on your own.

The difference between an indie and an entrepreneur is that entrepreneurs don't necessarily make products. Indies do.

what does it feel like to be an indie

Often it feels insecure: “how do I survive while designing and making my product?”

A roller coaster of emotions; excitement that built up in anticipation of releasing your new thing quickly deflates when users' reactions are not what you had hoped for and compounded when your product-announcement gets lost in the cacophony from the thousands who are also competing for user's attention.

why be an indie

You have the ability to transform an idea into a product.

You are able to distinguish between constructive criticism and naysayers.

You enjoy learning and overcoming technical hurdles.

You will get better the longer you proceed.

The longer you proceed the greater your chance of success.