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This author is (self diagnosed as) obsessive. Armed with a dustpan and
brush, cleaning materials and an endless supply of dustbin bags, they
would sweep, wipe and purge from rise to slumber. This is relevant
because it colours the way the author perceives the disordered
entities and systems all around us.

Based on personal experience of British society this text poses a
single question: Does it have to be this way?

Speak to those with long life experience, ask if they believe society
has become more rude, uncaring, selfish and dangerous; without
exception their reply will be: yes !

Currently (2017) the old chestnut of ‘Immigration’ is being blamed for
almost all of the country’s societal problems where loss of control is
the obvious foundation of people's worries. Yet for thousands of years
immigration has been essential to Britain’s technological progress, a
fact that still stands true today because without a regular flow of
new minds, a diverse gene pool and let's not forget: taxpayers,
Britain would crystallise.

Britain’s Ministry of Misinformation works relentlessly to convince us
that our problems are caused by external influences when in fact
Britain is infested with corrupt money monsters who are embedded
within every fold and level of Britain’s social ladder.


Those with authority, whom we expected to serve, solve problems and
protect us, are actually seen to be doing the opposite and worse, they
are complicit with activities that generate fear and anger, dividing
British society.

For example: British Police, their association with organised crime,
their willingness to sell information to anyone with cash; have been
shown to be complicit with every crime on the books.

Then what of the politicians who steal from the treasury so frequently
that few bat an eye when, following the exposure of their pilfering:

- they apologise

- then change laws to make their theft legal, calling it:

  - expenses
  - a performance bonus
  - a pay rise
  - a golden handshake

- ultimately they invent laws to make it illegal for the free press to
  report about these activities. I.e. Crime and Courts Act of 2013.

Then there's the ‘upstanding’ British institution: the BBC

The BBC extracts many billions of pounds annually from British citizens
in the form of a television tax called: The Television License.

People living in Britain with a television who don’t pay this annual tax are
put in prison and those who choose not to own a television are perpetually
threatened with imprisonment until they relent and pay the tax regardless.

The quantity of money the BBC receives annually from this tax alone,
in 2017, is in the region of ten BILLION pounds but the BBC refuses to
make public, proper financial accounts, instead speaks vaguely of how
much they actually receive and where their enormous income is spent
every year; and if this money laundering isn't enough to make the
reader blink, then google:

BBC paedophile ring

Massive income generates an equivalent amount of power, detaching the
money monsters from the law.

What penalty has the BBC suffered as a result of their money
laundering and other abuses? Nothing ! The same old guard govern that
foul beast.

The best that could be hoped for is a fine but no amount of financial
penalty could ever have a negative effect on an organisation that is
guaranteed to receive many-many billions of pounds every year.

The BBC beast, for some reason, is rarely, if ever criticised by other
media outlets, not even the almighty Murdock juggernaut dare stand up
to it because no matter how loud anyone shouts the BBC will always
have a bigger microphone.

The ‘banking system’ (a catch all term), is by any definition just
another great British organised crime syndicate! ...

If the fact that every fold of every layer of British society is
geared to fleece and molest was told in a fictitious ‘conspiracy’
novel, it would be dismissed as far fetched, misanthropic and

It’s well understood that money and power make people silly and even
though popular media regularly highlight some of these British
problems, the old guard remain unchanged, perpetuating their
corruption, mutating Britain into a country absent of trust, where its
citizens fear the same authorities who should be ensuring them

In Britain the act of speaking out against authority is problematic
and brutally shepherded by the British Police who have the power to
violently shut down protests.

Protesters are incarcerated, depending on the mood of the arresting
officer, without a requirement of evidence. The arrested have no legal
or practical method for preventing their incarceration.

Habeas Corpus be damned? What use is our Queen?

Once a victim-of or just a witness-to British Police corruption, life
is never the same; our cynicism is personified in uniformed arrogance.

The more corrupt a state’s authorities, the more power organised crime
wields; their relationship being symbiotic. It must then follow that
the non-nefarious who have no authority, are just meat, waiting for
their turn at the pie factory.

I use a synonym to describe the three groups of British citizenry:

- shepherds
- parasites
- sheep

where shepherds direct parasites to do their corrupt bidding, fleecing
and feasting off of the sheep, perpetuating a state of fear, enabling
shepherds to demand more powers in the name of the ‘current threat
status’ and ‘national security’.

However, this three group system of control is time limited and bound
to eventually fail because it’s a system of economics, an ecosystem,
destined to break as the numbers continually increase. Shepherds’
numbers grow, wielding power over more parasites who in turn require
more sheep to feed off.

In nature, dominance is temporary and economics can’t be fooled.

Shepherds' burden; they need ultimate control over those parasites who
dare to consider the possibilities of toppling their masters so
different types of parasites are introduced to cull the disobedient;
but who in turn will ultimately require culling themselves. Quite the
deadly spiral. This is what's known as: a false economy and the
madness of greed.

One day a tipping point arrives, an unexpected event occurs and the
shepherds lose grip, power crumbles; both shepherd and parasite find
themselves without allies, helpless and hopeless; vastly out numbered,
suddenly equalised, oblivious to the hoards of hungry, angry, mutated
carnivorous sheep who are now very much dominant and believe they have
little or nothing to lose.


Boxes, some unopened, gather dust under settees and chairs or stand
stacked against walls.

A skinny, door sized television bleats who-cares-what from one of the
many pay-for subscription channels.

A sticky and odorous dustbin stands in the hallway reeking of uneaten
takeaway food.

More odours waft from the washing bin, crammed to overflowing with
dirty clothes, some of which have been here so long that the clothes
at the bottom would no longer fit the child who last wore them, if by
some unusual circumstance they were to surface. Only the top few ever
get cleaned nowadays and many of those lay on the floor, landslip down
the side of this smelly cloth hill.

The cacophony of unpleasant smells includes pet excrement, the
intensity of which indicates a fresh batch has been excreted

Apparently broken, unused for years, a vacuum cleaner sits on its
backside. It just needs emptying but irrelevant because the debris
encrusting the floor is so thick a wheeled vacuum cleaner
couldn't navigate the terrain anyway.

So much stuff; so much so it has priority over hygiene.

Will there ever be a point when these people believe they have enough?

It’s a question usually met with a blank stare caused by the delusion
that if it can be seen then it or one just like it, can be acquired
with zero consideration regarding the implications of its ownership.

For example, speak about waste and of buying more of the things they
already have and their response is: bored contempt.

Then ask: “if not a waste of space then what about waste of your own
hard earned cash?”.

Same reaction.

What’s the logic? They must believe money is easy to come by and when
they have some then it must always be spent.

How many things can a person realistically use? Are there enough
hours in the day or week to make use of everything we own. Do we know
what’s in our inventory?

I’ve mentioned false economy with respect to greedy authority,
inevitably leading to their overthrow, well there is a false economy
with respect to the perpetual consumption of things we don’t need;
which is a thirst that can never be quenched.

Children behave selfishly because they are born with survival
instincts: get to the milk before your siblings or become weak but
education and maturity should bury these primitive attitudes.

Then what? How would our capitalist societies function if the sheep
purchased less. What would conversations consist of if people switched
off the television?


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