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Quality v Testing
« on: Saturday 2017-October-14 04:25:31 PM »

The terms 'Software Testing' and 'Software Quality' sometimes get
mixed synonymously. I want to separate the two terms for the purpose
of discussion.


Software testing

- Confirm whether software conforms to a set of requirements.
- If all requirements are met, the software can be considered: basic
- Until all requirements are met the software is less than 'basic'.

Software quality

- Is an emotive consensus.
- Is beyond 'basic' where 'basic' = quality 0
- Quality can be added after a product reaches a 'basic' level.


Apple Inc's aesthetic is synonymous with desirable, high quality
products, the greater the aesthetic the higher the quality.

An example of where 'quality' took priority over testing is the iPhone
4, which had a problem, it couldn't reliably make telephone calls.

Apple's response was: User error. Apparently users were holding the
device incorrectly.

Testing in this case was simply poor and the product did not:

- Conform to a set of requirements that included: make a telephone call.
- Apple sold a product that didn't measure up to: quality 0


Sales and Marketing can sell rain to the English.

This department is the heart and life blood of any business; product
is not as important.

If a product does not sell, the business dies [full stop]

What this department tells us about our product is as significant as
the process of testing and adding quality.

Where possible Marketing and Sales should be woven into the various
phases of a product's development.