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Meta Automata pre-pre-alpha
« on: Saturday 2016-May-28 05:28:36 PM »

Working on a second iteration of Meta Automata; a complete rewrite of
the prototype to full fill the description:

defend and dominate resources

All textures in this demonstration are temporary and will change.


Parasites have better autonomy; each have their own radar

I have set them to detect me for this demonstration. They're currently
not aggressive, they simply head towards me when their radar detects

New windowing gui

Where the prototype printed text on to the screen, information will
now displayed in gui windows that can be moved around with the mouse.

GUI windows have fields (check boxes and text fields) that can be
edited. Top right of each window is a button that closes it.

Currently using temporary textures on the GUI windows.


Now use a GUI window for hacking.

Move up to a machine, press the H key and a Hacking GUI window will be

To hack the machine the player has to find all the check boxes from
the nine blocks/buttons on the window. It's simply but can't just
click all of the buttons; a puzzle solving feel where the prototype
relied on the player to hold down the H key for a set amount of time.

Mouse control

Mouse control has been added so the player can move more granularly
when managing machines, fences and GUI windows.

- button one: move the player around the environment

- button two: rotate player on the spot

- button three: strafe left and right

- mouse wheel: granular move forwards and backwards


Boulders are out and energy weapons are in.

The player is also a Meta Automata automaton and has two gun barrels
left and right, like the parasites.

To fire press the space key. The weapons take a moment to spin up and
then fire their energy ammunition. For this demonstration energy
projectiles are fired but no damage is inflicted.

Inventory and blueprints

Similar to the prototype these items are displayed on the bottom of
the screen with ctrl+I and ctrl+b.

Multiple screens are out, instead the player scrolls through all items
using the [ and ] keys. The selected item is the one in the centre.


A placement cursor is used to position fences. Press F to display the
cursor on the ground, move the cursor to where you want the fence post
and then press the E key.

Mouse control enables fairly accurate positioning.