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angleworm :: 0.04
« on: Tuesday 2016-May-03 05:20:32 PM »
early access 0.04

- splash screen
- value of catch vary a bit more
- small changes to gui
- save and load are currently disabled since this is a free version

This project is complete.

I now plan on putting angleworm on to Steam; never done that before and so have to
pay the (UK) 70 one off fee to valve (it goes to charity).

There's a category called: 'Relaxing games', that is where I want to put angleworm.

The whole Steam process is going to be another game development learning
experience and to honest, I expect angleworm to get lost in the noise or wedged
in Steam administration due to me being a Steam n00b BUT it will be sooo cool to
be able to tell people I have a game on Steam :-D

Best regards