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angleworm :: 0.01
« on: Saturday 2016-April-30 04:51:07 PM »
Started this project based on a conversation I had with someone who's
into fishing. My ideas were met enthusiastically but I kept having to
tone the conversation down. I want to make a game not a simulation.

Initially I created some environments in blender but found that 3D
makes the player feel they are in a simulation.

Designing the game mechanics was fairly easy once I settled on the
target audience: a casual player rather than someone who wants to
simulate the real experience of coarse fishing.

Even so, I spent hours reading about coarse fishing, the equipment,
coarse fish, how common or rare they are. It goes without saying that
there are lots of high quality web sites dedicated to coarse fishing
and youtube videos for beginners like me.

Planning the game took a week. Used Gimp to create all images and
Light Weight Java Game Library to run it. Total so far: five

Today, made a minor change to the timer (top right) appearance and
finished the 'game state save-to and open file process' which will be
automatic, no user interaction will be required to save and load.

The plan is to have a leader board where people can list their

Uploaded the first 'early access' version yesterday, that version does
not save.

There is a .exe for Windows users and a .sh file and .desktop file for Linux users.

Feedback is very welcome.

Best regards.