Author Topic: Meta Automata prototype :: 0.24  (Read 997 times)


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Meta Automata prototype :: 0.24
« on: Friday 2016-March-11 04:22:11 PM »
version number: 0.24


working on UDP networking

how it currently works:

- start a game instance and press a key to start the server on that
  game instance

- start another instance of the game and press a key to start sending
  this player's location details

- the server side game instance shows the connecting-player as a red

client and server are communicating nicely; currently at a rate of: 20
per second; if anyone has an opinion about this I'd be glad to hear it
but at 20 per second the connecting-player moves smoothly on the server

no uploads today, hopefully in the next day or two with client and
server functionality


Speak soon