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Does what it says on the packet
« on: Sunday 2015-March-29 07:40:44 PM »
Password Maker is an Android application that creates
15-character-long passwords made up from random characters, either:

- numbers only               :: 3452345 ...
- letters only             :: werdfHG ...
- numbers and letters      :: Hfs56j8 ...
- all keyboard characters   :: Jh$56*" ...

The user has the option to have the application remember the new
password. These remembered passwords can be viewed from the REMEMBERED

From the REMEMBERED   tab the user can add/edit a brief comment to a
password or delete passwords.

The OLD PASSWORD tab allows the user to add existing passwords they
would like the REMEMBERED tab to save.

I personally find this application very useful since I do a lot of
work on-line with various web pages that require user names and

I ask anyone who uses this application to add a lock facility to their
device. All Android devices have the option to require a pin number or
password to unlock them.

Write down your new passwords so if you lose your device you will
still have them. Then, if you lose your device, you can visit the web
sites, etc and immediately change those passwords.

Writing down your new passwords does go again the grain of current
security advice but I am suggesting they be written down in something
that you can lock away.