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Ballpoint Tank / Ballpoint Tank update. Release 3.
« Last post by logFarm on Sunday 2018-June-17 01:54:19 PM »
Updated Ballpoint Tank.

- All power ups are timed. The higher the player's rank the longer they last.

- Death Realm has more loot.

- Enemy turrets are replaced by hazards when they are destroyed.

- All turrets self destruct when the player reaches enough points to destroy a boss.

Google Play:


Google Plus Community:

Web page:

logFarm Ditigal Monitoring System.

Updated the application with a few x86 library files because of a Windows 10 issue.

Home page:

Ballpoint Tank / Updated Ballpoint Tank.
« Last post by logFarm on Tuesday 2018-June-12 10:30:17 PM »

- Added explosions when turrets and buildings are destroyed.
- Changed the stealth tank image.
- Reduced the stealth time period.

Google Play:

Home page:
General Discussion / New Start
« Last post by logFarm on Saturday 2018-June-09 09:33:15 PM »

Set myself a few goals at the beginning of May. One was to find a
new place to live; job done. Another was to publish a game every
week; also Job done.

In the last three weeks I've published three new games and updated a

The three new games built from scratch are:

- ESP Wheel ::
- Coin Flipper ::
- Ballpoint Tank ::

The updated game is:

- 12 Bore Trolley ::

SHOW ME THE MONEY as a Java and Android software development entity has been fun,
mentally rewarding and a great educational experience. I wear it with
pride and will continue to do so until my demise.

However my business model up to now has been worthless. Frankly I
simply didn't know what I was doing.

Here's why.

- I gave my software away for free.

   How is 'free' ever going to be worth anything?

- I made two identical versions of my software, a free and a pay-for

   People only downloaded the free version.

- I made a free version with limited content and a full pay-for

   Only the free version was downloaded.

- I made very little effort to publicise and market my products.

   Naively I believed if we build software, people would mysteriously
   download it.

- My web pages lacked focus.

   Users should be able to download a product with the minimum number
   of clicks.

   People need to be able to follow news and in the
   unlikely event that press show an interest, each landing page
   should have a press kit.


The old Paul lacked in a few areas:

- Confidence:

   I was too embarressed to ask people for money, for the thing I had
   designed and built.

   I was too shy to promote my products.

   I didn't know how to market and promote my software, beyond picking
   up the telephone or knocking on doors.

- Know how (confidence again):

   I believed I didn't have the skill set to build the software I
   wanted to make.

- Value:

   I found it difficult to give my products a price.

If I could send a message to myself fifteen years ago back when I took
the plunge to go alone, other than 'mine bitcoin' I would say:

- You are good enough.

- Find a way to publish and sell your software but keep all the
  rights. Consider licensing, dividing licenses up so one license,
  one platform.

- 'Free' means that you (the inventor) believe your product has no
  worth. DON'T give your product or service away.

   If people desire the thing you are selling, they already expect
  that it will cost something at some point.

- Make and publish it quickly.

- Publicise and market your products.

- Revisit your software and update them.


Free is not an option. I deserve to be paid for my efforts, just like
anyone else. As I refresh and update my software, existing free
versions will be unpublished. will be focused on product news and making product
downloads easy.

Publicising and marketing will be new learning curve for me. Over the
next couple of weeks I'll be dipping my toes into this vast ocean of

My social network of choice is Google Plus, I'm an advocate and have
used it for years.

Experience with other social networks amount to followers who may or
may not actually exist so probably a waste of time.

Many of my games are free prototypes, some designed for the desktop. These
will all be completed and ported to Android.

Desktop games is an interesting space at the moment because
distribution is dominated by Valve's Steam publishing
platform. I actually have a game that has been 'Greenlit':

'Greenlit' used to mean I just needed to take a few more steps before
the game became available on Steam. Steam is going through some
changes at the time of writing.

There's a lot to do and I'm excited by the idea that I actually seemed
to be a little bit organised and not so rudderless :-)
Ballpoint Tank / Ballpoint Tank, an Android game.
« Last post by logFarm on Friday 2018-June-08 03:52:03 PM »
The doodles of a game developer have come to life on the pages of her
note pad.

Use the controls to steer a tank over maps, collecting armour,
ammunition and fuel.

Destroy enemy turrets to accumulate points. Once you have enough
points a boss will reveal itself.

Guide a tank and destroy 10 bosses.

Google Play:


Google Plus Community:

Web page:
Coin Flipper / Coin flipper randomly chooses heads or tails.
« Last post by logFarm on Thursday 2018-May-24 11:11:32 AM »
With a single tap, Coin Flipper will randomly select heads or tails for you.

The results are continually saved so over time you will see how often each side of the coin is selected and also how many times one side or the other appears in a row.

Google Play:

Google Plus:


Home page:

Best regards
ESP Wheel / ESP Wheel, first release.
« Last post by logFarm on Monday 2018-May-21 08:16:16 PM »
ESP Wheel is a casual game for Android. The player tests their ability
to guess the next symbol that the wheel will highlight.

You recieve 'hit' points when you guess correctly or 'miss' points
otherwise. Your score is continuously saved.

Google Play Store:

Amazon App Store:

G+ community:


Home Page:

Best regards

The future:

- Implement the latest version of OpenCV.
- Use JavaFX for the GUI.

These two features will change the software quite a bit and allow for other internal improvements.

A goal is to port logFarm DMS to: raspberry Pi
gkrellm theme downloader / First release.
« Last post by logFarm on Saturday 2017-October-14 04:46:38 PM »

This application downloads all Gkrellm theme files, .tar.gz files listed on a web page and unpacks them.

The recommended download location is: ~/.gkrellm2/themes




Linux download:
General Discussion / Quality v Testing
« Last post by logFarm on Saturday 2017-October-14 04:25:31 PM »

The terms 'Software Testing' and 'Software Quality' sometimes get
mixed synonymously. I want to separate the two terms for the purpose
of discussion.


Software testing

- Confirm whether software conforms to a set of requirements.
- If all requirements are met, the software can be considered: basic
- Until all requirements are met the software is less than 'basic'.

Software quality

- Is an emotive consensus.
- Is beyond 'basic' where 'basic' = quality 0
- Quality can be added after a product reaches a 'basic' level.


Apple Inc's aesthetic is synonymous with desirable, high quality
products, the greater the aesthetic the higher the quality.

An example of where 'quality' took priority over testing is the iPhone
4, which had a problem, it couldn't reliably make telephone calls.

Apple's response was: User error. Apparently users were holding the
device incorrectly.

Testing in this case was simply poor and the product did not:

- Conform to a set of requirements that included: make a telephone call.
- Apple sold a product that didn't measure up to: quality 0


Sales and Marketing can sell rain to the English.

This department is the heart and life blood of any business; product
is not as important.

If a product does not sell, the business dies [full stop]

What this department tells us about our product is as significant as
the process of testing and adding quality.

Where possible Marketing and Sales should be woven into the various
phases of a product's development.
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