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Meta Automata :: game / Meta Automata prototype :: 0.21
« on: Wednesday 2016-March-09 04:52:42 PM »
version number: 0.21 (prototype)


- player owns a level when they own all machines on a level

  these details are saved to the game's save file :: press F2 to save,
  F5 to load

  when a player owns a level parasites will no longer spawn there

  the player can not enter a tunnel to the next map unless they own
  the current map but they can enter the yellow-ish tunnel to a
  previous map because the player already owns a previous map

- there's a bit of delay before parasites spawn, currently 60 seconds
  to give the player a moment to get organised


Speak soon

Meta Automata :: game / Meta Automata prototype :: 0.20
« on: Tuesday 2016-March-08 08:50:54 PM »
version number: 0.20 (prototype)


- inventory navigation and update tweaks

- blender object damage colour reset tweaks

- text on screen tweaks


Speak soon

Meta Automata :: game / Meta Automata prototype :: 0.19
« on: Monday 2016-March-07 04:36:33 PM »
version number: 0.19 (prototype)


yellow bird machines:

- when they are hungry their flag turns red until they have fed

  currently their sustenance are parasites and now machine parts
  when they target a machine for food they will cause a random
  amount of damage to it

- when they are ready to lay a machine and there is oil on the ground,
  their flag turns green but hunger takes priority so if they become
  hungry during the process of finding oil, they will find food
  instead (machines and parasites)

- if their flag is yellow then they are neither hungry or building so
  will target and repair random machines, a random amount

MENDED: switching on the inventory cursor with the tab key was

MENDED: blender objects did not change colour when they were damaged

        changing colour depending on damage might stick around but was
        originally added for the prototype only; the plan is to have
        flames, smoke, etc but the colour change is a simple
        indication of damage


Speak soon

Meta Automata :: game / Meta Automata prototype :: 0.18
« on: Sunday 2016-March-06 08:44:53 PM »
version number: 0.18 (prototype)


- improved performance

  by 'performance' (and 'improvement') I mean CPU usage and I also
  mean that this improvement has only been measured by observation,
  benchmark software has not been used

  On my four year old laptop; top and gkrellm show a lower CPU usage
  while playing and the game feels smoother to me

- the ground image is now endless, it was possible to see the edge of
  the ground image

  the image will be replaced eventually


Speak soon

Meta Automata :: game / Meta Automata prototype :: 0.17
« on: Saturday 2016-March-05 04:36:39 PM »
version number: 0.17 (prototype)


MENDED: selecting an inventory item with:

        tab key followed by [ ] to navigate items

        was not working properly, kept bounce back to first item on
        page 1 of the inventory

MENDED: inventory page numbers flashed randomly


Speak soon

Meta Automata :: game / Meta Automata prototype :: 0.16
« on: Friday 2016-March-04 04:41:33 PM »
version number: 0.16 (prototype)


- tab to select inventory items, left and right brackets [, ] will
  scroll across next and previous pages respectively, selecting the
  inventory items

- shop text is more useful, briefly explaining how to sell inventory

MENDED: tab to show inv' item description, move onto shop, press e ::
      text overlaps

- show blueprint: page number / total blueprint pages

  see blueprints by pressing: B

- cleaned up other overlapping text

- blueprint window requires left-control + return, instead of just
  return; making the keyboard actions consistent

- added a blender object for turrets, press: T

  experimenting with blender objects as interactive objects, in place
  of basic blocks


Speak soon

Meta Automata :: game / Meta Automata prototype :: 0.15
« on: Thursday 2016-March-03 04:45:24 PM »
version number: 0.15 (prototype)


- rearranged text on the screen so it has some meaning

- tunnel entrances should match up so when the player enters a black
tunnel entrance, they move forwards to the next map

when they arrive there is a tunnel entrance beneath them and it is
yellow-ish, indicating that if the player enters it, it will move
them backwards to the previous map they just came from

so forwards and backwards tunnel entrances appear connected

enter a tunnel entrance by standing on it and pressing:

left-control + enter


Speak soon

Meta Automata :: game / Meta Automata prototype :: 0.14
« on: Wednesday 2016-March-02 04:47:13 PM »
version number: 0.14 (prototype)


- a targeting image is displayed on the screen the first time the
  space bar is pressed

  if the player has no ammunition or runs out of ammunition the
  targeting image will turn red

  the targeting image will switch off automatically after 5 seconds
  of no use or 1 second if out of ammunition

- POSSIBLE MEND: T key does not always place a turret

- more environment objects, spread out a bit

  player and parasites will probably be able to interact with them at
  some point


Speak soon

Meta Automata :: game / Meta Automata prototype :: 0.13
« on: Tuesday 2016-March-01 04:30:40 PM »
version number: 0.13 (prototype)


- now reads from .obj files exported from Blender

added a few very-low-poly trees and clumps of grass


Speak soon

Meta Automata :: game / Meta Automata prototype :: 0.12
« on: Monday 2016-February-29 04:34:05 PM »
version number: 0.12 (prototype)


- MENDED: player lost their opportunity to collect their
mission-completed reward after stepping away from the
mission terminal

- MENDED: fences connected to other (phantom) fences on different maps

- MENDED: enemies own all machines, their screen flashes and
disappears very quickly

- MENDED: turret bullets can stay in the air and fly off in orbit

- MENDED: move to second map, save, restart game, load, move to first
map result: parasites instantly win

- MENDED: turrets and fences are not loaded when loading from saved

- MENDED: tunnel entrances were in the same place on all maps

- permits are saved and reloaded from save file


0.12 (prototype) uploading as I type

Speak soon

Meta Automata :: game / Meta Automata prototype :: 0.11
« on: Sunday 2016-February-28 05:02:40 PM »
version number: 0.11 (prototype)


- parasites have a single spawn point as per game's story; they spawn
from a tunnel entrance

the tunnel entrance is represented by a black image on the floor

if the player walks on to the tunnel entrance and presses:

left-control + return

they will be transported to another map

there is a yellow-ish tunnel entrance on maps (after the first map)
that allows the player to traverse backwards to a previous map

so the tunnels are a game mechanic allowing the player to explore
different maps

previously visited maps will maintain any machines already
constructed on them but a player's inventory will only be updated
with more stuff made by machines that exist on the map the player is
currently visiting

- parasites will only spawn if there are parasite-owned or deactivated
machines on that map

so if a player has control of all machines on a map then parasites
will not spawn

however, since bird-machines lay new deactivated machines (where oil
exists) it is likely that deactivated machines will eventually appear
so if the player wants a parasite free map they need to keep an eye
on their mini-map's grey dots and on what bird machines are doing

parasites also only spawn if their spawn countdown = 0

- save file name is now: meta_automata_saved_game

and is currently saved in the user's home directory (Windows users
do have home directory)

F2 to save
F5 to load


Speak soon

Meta Automata :: game / Meta Automata prototype :: 0.10
« on: Thursday 2016-February-25 05:14:25 PM »
version number: 0.10 (prototype)


- tuning game variables, looking for the 'fun'

- player 'level', blue number amongst the other numbers on the right

- player levels up (wins) when they either:

- complete all missions
- control all machines, hack (if necessary) and activate
- dismantle all machines, hack (if necessary) and dismantle

in the event of all parasites dying or being killed, then the
player receives a bonus but does not level up

- placement cursors will switch off after 5 seconds of idle
so if you have a placement cursor but have not placed anything
within 5 seconds then the placement cursor will disappear

it will reappear when you press the appropriate key

placement cursors can be switched off at any time by pressing the
escape key

- minimap objects can be toggled on and off by pressing the M key


Feedback is very welcome

Best regards

Meta Automata :: game / Meta Automata prototype :: 0.09
« on: Wednesday 2016-February-24 04:23:30 PM »
version number: 0.09 (prototype)

- everything can be sold:

- approach the shop
- open the inventory
- press tab to select an inventory item
- press left-control + return to sell the selected item

inventory pages and selected items are navigated with: [ ]
(square bracket keys)

- Tulip Coins are saved to the save file

- look up and look down (left and right shift keys) have been removed
this will be taken care of with mouse control (mouse control is not
yet implemented)


Feedback is very welcome.

Best regards

Meta Automata :: game / Meta Automata prototype :: 0.08
« on: Tuesday 2016-February-23 05:03:49 PM »
version number: 0.08 (prototype)


mended :: crash :: show inventory description, update inventory by adding
          or removing an item

mended: incorrect number of turrets when loading from save file

PART: remove cap on number of spawning parasites

mended: turrets weren't being damaged

- save to file player energy

- performance improvement

- battery blueprint, build battery :: press B key, navigate with: [, ]

- batteries are added to the inventory

  - parasite loot adds batteries to player's inventory
   activate a battery for extra energy:

   - I key for inventory
    - navigate with: [, ] to find the inventory page with a battery
   - press tab to highlight inventory items
   - navigate inventory items with: [, ]
   - select the battery
   - press: left-control and return (together)

- updated item desriptions

- loot does not automatically add to player's energy if the loot
  contains a battery, instead the battery is added to player's


Available from indieDB and

Feedback welcome.

Best regards

Meta Automata :: game / Meta Automata prototype :: 0.07
« on: Monday 2016-February-22 05:39:28 PM »
version number: 0.07 (prototype)


F2 - save game state
F5 - load game state

save file: homeDirectory/

- mended :: crash when loading from a save file

- mended :: inventory turret and fence counts were inaccurate when
loading from save file

- mended :: player was left hanging in the air if they were ontop
of a block when the parasites win

- mended :: after loading a saved game, flags were not displayed above machines

- save player location and rotation

- multiple repair robots were not moving


- deactivated and parasite owned machines appear as grey dots and are
always visible on the minmap

- player owned machines appear as orange dots

- repair robots appear as green dots


0.07 has been uploaded to indieDB and

Feedback welcome.

Best regards

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