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logFarm Digital Monitoring System v3 (3.0.1 alpha)

Freely available for: Linux, Windows and Apple


Best regards

12 Bore Trolley :: game / 12 Bore Trolley :: an Android game
« on: Wednesday 2016-July-06 02:58:17 PM »
Today I've released a new Android game called: 12 Bore Trolley

Strap a couple of 12 bore shot guns to the side of a shopping trolley to ease your super market duties.

12 Bore Trolley combines two styles of gaming, top-down and side-scrolling.

There are both free and pay-for versions



Meta Automata :: game / Meta Automata pre-pre-alpha
« on: Saturday 2016-May-28 05:28:36 PM »

Working on a second iteration of Meta Automata; a complete rewrite of
the prototype to full fill the description:

defend and dominate resources

All textures in this demonstration are temporary and will change.


Parasites have better autonomy; each have their own radar

I have set them to detect me for this demonstration. They're currently
not aggressive, they simply head towards me when their radar detects

New windowing gui

Where the prototype printed text on to the screen, information will
now displayed in gui windows that can be moved around with the mouse.

GUI windows have fields (check boxes and text fields) that can be
edited. Top right of each window is a button that closes it.

Currently using temporary textures on the GUI windows.


Now use a GUI window for hacking.

Move up to a machine, press the H key and a Hacking GUI window will be

To hack the machine the player has to find all the check boxes from
the nine blocks/buttons on the window. It's simply but can't just
click all of the buttons; a puzzle solving feel where the prototype
relied on the player to hold down the H key for a set amount of time.

Mouse control

Mouse control has been added so the player can move more granularly
when managing machines, fences and GUI windows.

- button one: move the player around the environment

- button two: rotate player on the spot

- button three: strafe left and right

- mouse wheel: granular move forwards and backwards


Boulders are out and energy weapons are in.

The player is also a Meta Automata automaton and has two gun barrels
left and right, like the parasites.

To fire press the space key. The weapons take a moment to spin up and
then fire their energy ammunition. For this demonstration energy
projectiles are fired but no damage is inflicted.

Inventory and blueprints

Similar to the prototype these items are displayed on the bottom of
the screen with ctrl+I and ctrl+b.

Multiple screens are out, instead the player scrolls through all items
using the [ and ] keys. The selected item is the one in the centre.


A placement cursor is used to position fences. Press F to display the
cursor on the ground, move the cursor to where you want the fence post
and then press the E key.

Mouse control enables fairly accurate positioning.

wobbegong :: game / wobbegong Platform Hopper, early access 0.95
« on: Sunday 2016-May-08 02:28:55 PM »
version number: early access, 0.95

  - new boost speed power up
  - different splash screen
  - .exe launcher
  - linux .sh and .desktop files

new video:

new version uploaded to and indieDB

angleworm :: game / angleworm :: 0.05.1
« on: Thursday 2016-May-05 08:35:33 AM »
Two items:

1. angleworm has a Steam Greenlight page:

version number: early access, 0.05.1

- MENDED: it was possible for fish to have zero weight

- Linux .desktop and files have more comments and contact details in case the player needs help using these files

- save and load are currently disabled

Best regards

angleworm :: game / angleworm :: 0.04
« on: Tuesday 2016-May-03 05:20:32 PM »
early access 0.04

- splash screen
- value of catch vary a bit more
- small changes to gui
- save and load are currently disabled since this is a free version

This project is complete.

I now plan on putting angleworm on to Steam; never done that before and so have to
pay the (UK) 70 one off fee to valve (it goes to charity).

There's a category called: 'Relaxing games', that is where I want to put angleworm.

The whole Steam process is going to be another game development learning
experience and to honest, I expect angleworm to get lost in the noise or wedged
in Steam administration due to me being a Steam n00b BUT it will be sooo cool to
be able to tell people I have a game on Steam :-D

Best regards

angleworm :: game / angleworm :: 0.03
« on: Monday 2016-May-02 01:46:12 PM »
version number: early access 0.03

  - small changes to gui
  - save and load are currently disabled

new file uploaded to:


Best regards

angleworm :: game / angleworm :: 0.02
« on: Sunday 2016-May-01 04:00:06 PM »

- save and load is complete but currently disabled
- small changes to gui
- MENDED: wind direction got stuck at North

Starting work on sharing catch information.

New version has been uploaded

Best regards

angleworm :: game / angleworm :: 0.01
« on: Saturday 2016-April-30 04:51:07 PM »
Started this project based on a conversation I had with someone who's
into fishing. My ideas were met enthusiastically but I kept having to
tone the conversation down. I want to make a game not a simulation.

Initially I created some environments in blender but found that 3D
makes the player feel they are in a simulation.

Designing the game mechanics was fairly easy once I settled on the
target audience: a casual player rather than someone who wants to
simulate the real experience of coarse fishing.

Even so, I spent hours reading about coarse fishing, the equipment,
coarse fish, how common or rare they are. It goes without saying that
there are lots of high quality web sites dedicated to coarse fishing
and youtube videos for beginners like me.

Planning the game took a week. Used Gimp to create all images and
Light Weight Java Game Library to run it. Total so far: five

Today, made a minor change to the timer (top right) appearance and
finished the 'game state save-to and open file process' which will be
automatic, no user interaction will be required to save and load.

The plan is to have a leader board where people can list their

Uploaded the first 'early access' version yesterday, that version does
not save.

There is a .exe for Windows users and a .sh file and .desktop file for Linux users.

Feedback is very welcome.

Best regards.

Meta Automata :: game / Meta Automata prototype :: 0.26
« on: Friday 2016-April-01 05:43:46 PM »
I've already made two 2D games using LWJGL:

- wobbegong

- wobbegong platform hopper

both are here and on indieDB

So I wanted to teach myself LWJGL in a 3D context and also implement
some multiplayer action using UDP.

Mission accomplished.

If I could create a decent game during this learning then all the
better but in this case a half decent game will have to do.


I thought I had done enough planning in order to make a decent game; I
thought I had reduced the scope of Meta Automata down to a set of game
mechanics that I could build into a computer game but that has proved
not to be the case, in my opinion.

The problem: my plan is too ambiguous.

I hoped I could go with a few basic fuzzy ideas and then make them

It's frustrating, remembering how much time I wasted implementing a few
basic game mechanics only to find that they offered very little in
terms of fun.

I didn't do enough planning. I should have spent weeks on designing
the game on paper rather than months building the game with computer

Even though this game is a prototype, an estimation of a finished
game, it's too ho-hum.

I created a ho-hum single player experience and then, retrospectively
added multiplayer functionality. This was a bad idea; the ho-hum and
the retrospective part.

The ho-hum-ness might be solved by tuning various aspects of game play
but the retrospective multiplayer functionality required me to change
beautiful coding in a way that feels rushed and haphazard.

I've learned:

1. Multiplayer functionality needs to be designed into the game from
   the very start.

2. Single player game play will not automatically translate into
   multiplayer game play.

Light Weight Java Game Library

I thoroughly enjoy programming with Java and so luckily for me LWJGL
is a pleasant way to learn OpenGL and associated technologies using

It is marvellous.

I develop using a Linux desktop but my Java game will need absolutely
no additional programming to make it run on Linux, Apple and Windows.

Having said that, I've never seen any of my Java games run on an Apple

What else have I learned from this prototype

Moments in the game:

- laying fences and watching them connect

- firing and destroying parasites

- picking things up; boulders and oil

- watching bird machines lay new machines

- sparking machines into life

- watching a repair robot at work

- Meta Automata's game objects create what appears to be complex
  behaviour because they move as if they are part of a flock but their
  logic is very simple. It's relaxing to watch.

- Testing multiplayer functionality is not easy when you are working on
  your own.


I will not be doing any more development on this iteration of Meta

I have learned a lot by working on this project but it is time to move

Meta Automata :: game / Meta Automata prototype :: 0.25.1
« on: Tuesday 2016-March-15 04:51:27 PM »
version number: 0.25.1


more networking:

- more than two players can join a server

- players can place and pickup fences

  all other players will see the fences appear and disappear

  F and E keys respectively

to test this networking feature:

- start multiple game instances, either on the same computer or
  separate computers

- on one of the game instances press: F9

  this will turn on the server

  currently all objects other than the trees and boulders will
  disappear from that game instance

- on the other game instances press: F7

  those games will search for Meta Automata servers

  if F9 has been pressed on one of the game instances, its IP will be
  listed like this:

  1 :: 192.168.1.blah

  your message will be slightly different

- press: 1

  to connect to that computer

  again all of the game objects will disappear except for trees and
  boulders but all players should be visible, represented as blocks
  and each player can move and jump using arrow keys and the G key


Speak soon

Meta Automata :: game / Meta Automata prototype :: 0.25
« on: Sunday 2016-March-13 05:00:15 PM »
version number: 0.25


UDP networking update:

- start two games instances, either on the same computer or two
separate computers

- on one of the game instances press: F9

this will turn on the server

currently all objects other than the trees and boulders will
disappear from that game instance

- on the other game instance press: F7

the game will search for Meta Automata servers

if F9 has been pressed on the other game instance, then it should be
listed like this:

1 :: 192.168.1.blah

your message will be slightly different

- press: 1

to connect to that computer

again all of the game objects will disappear except for trees and
boulders but both computers should be able to see the other
player, represented as blocks

it would be great to hear about peoples' lag, smoothness or lack of

you can speed run for a few seconds until you get bored :-)

regarding multi-player, to come:

more than two players
machines, parasites, birds, etc
grown objects, currently ammunition and oil
text chat

indieDB has labelled the download as so I have my version numbers out of sync but is what I just uploaded

Speak soon

Meta Automata :: game / Meta Automata prototype :: 0.24
« on: Friday 2016-March-11 04:22:11 PM »
version number: 0.24


working on UDP networking

how it currently works:

- start a game instance and press a key to start the server on that
  game instance

- start another instance of the game and press a key to start sending
  this player's location details

- the server side game instance shows the connecting-player as a red

client and server are communicating nicely; currently at a rate of: 20
per second; if anyone has an opinion about this I'd be glad to hear it
but at 20 per second the connecting-player moves smoothly on the server

no uploads today, hopefully in the next day or two with client and
server functionality


Speak soon

Meta Automata :: game / Meta Automata prototype :: 0.22
« on: Thursday 2016-March-10 04:14:45 PM »
version number: 0.22 (prototype)


- yellow bird machines reproduce themselves when they lay a machine

  bird machines are useful for culling parasites but they also eat and
  damage machines which is particularly problematic if the player owns
  a level because parasites don't spawn on owned-levels so the bird
  machines just eat machines

  when all bird machines are killed they will not re-spawn again so it
  is possible to rid a map of bird machines

  bird machine numbers are saved when the game is saved: F2 & F5

- the player can now destroy bird machines

  it's not that easy to shoot bird machines because they fly most of
  the time but they only take one hit to destroy them

  they currently drop the same loot as parasites

- turrets have a new switch :: 5 key

  the 5 key toggles on / off
  - shoot at bird machines and parasites
  - just shoot at parasites

  when a turret targets both bird machines and parasites the turret
  will obviously run out of ammunition more quickly but your repair
  robot will reload them for you, if you have one


Speak soon

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