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Ballpoint Tank / Ballpoint Tank update. Release 3.
« on: Sunday 2018-June-17 01:54:19 PM »
Updated Ballpoint Tank.

- All power ups are timed. The higher the player's rank the longer they last.

- Death Realm has more loot.

- Enemy turrets are replaced by hazards when they are destroyed.

- All turrets self destruct when the player reaches enough points to destroy a boss.

Google Play:


Google Plus Community:

Web page:

logFarm Ditigal Monitoring System.

Updated the application with a few x86 library files because of a Windows 10 issue.

Home page:


Ballpoint Tank / Updated Ballpoint Tank.
« on: Tuesday 2018-June-12 10:30:17 PM »

- Added explosions when turrets and buildings are destroyed.
- Changed the stealth tank image.
- Reduced the stealth time period.

Google Play:

Home page:

General Discussion / New Start
« on: Saturday 2018-June-09 09:33:15 PM »

Set myself a few goals at the beginning of May. One was to find a
new place to live; job done. Another was to publish a game every
week; also Job done.

In the last three weeks I've published three new games and updated a

The three new games built from scratch are:

- ESP Wheel ::
- Coin Flipper ::
- Ballpoint Tank ::

The updated game is:

- 12 Bore Trolley ::

SHOW ME THE MONEY as a Java and Android software development entity has been fun,
mentally rewarding and a great educational experience. I wear it with
pride and will continue to do so until my demise.

However my business model up to now has been worthless. Frankly I
simply didn't know what I was doing.

Here's why.

- I gave my software away for free.

   How is 'free' ever going to be worth anything?

- I made two identical versions of my software, a free and a pay-for

   People only downloaded the free version.

- I made a free version with limited content and a full pay-for

   Only the free version was downloaded.

- I made very little effort to publicise and market my products.

   Naively I believed if we build software, people would mysteriously
   download it.

- My web pages lacked focus.

   Users should be able to download a product with the minimum number
   of clicks.

   People need to be able to follow news and in the
   unlikely event that press show an interest, each landing page
   should have a press kit.


The old Paul lacked in a few areas:

- Confidence:

   I was too embarressed to ask people for money, for the thing I had
   designed and built.

   I was too shy to promote my products.

   I didn't know how to market and promote my software, beyond picking
   up the telephone or knocking on doors.

- Know how (confidence again):

   I believed I didn't have the skill set to build the software I
   wanted to make.

- Value:

   I found it difficult to give my products a price.

If I could send a message to myself fifteen years ago back when I took
the plunge to go alone, other than 'mine bitcoin' I would say:

- You are good enough.

- Find a way to publish and sell your software but keep all the
  rights. Consider licensing, dividing licenses up so one license,
  one platform.

- 'Free' means that you (the inventor) believe your product has no
  worth. DON'T give your product or service away.

   If people desire the thing you are selling, they already expect
  that it will cost something at some point.

- Make and publish it quickly.

- Publicise and market your products.

- Revisit your software and update them.


Free is not an option. I deserve to be paid for my efforts, just like
anyone else. As I refresh and update my software, existing free
versions will be unpublished. will be focused on product news and making product
downloads easy.

Publicising and marketing will be new learning curve for me. Over the
next couple of weeks I'll be dipping my toes into this vast ocean of

My social network of choice is Google Plus, I'm an advocate and have
used it for years.

Experience with other social networks amount to followers who may or
may not actually exist so probably a waste of time.

Many of my games are free prototypes, some designed for the desktop. These
will all be completed and ported to Android.

Desktop games is an interesting space at the moment because
distribution is dominated by Valve's Steam publishing
platform. I actually have a game that has been 'Greenlit':

'Greenlit' used to mean I just needed to take a few more steps before
the game became available on Steam. Steam is going through some
changes at the time of writing.

There's a lot to do and I'm excited by the idea that I actually seemed
to be a little bit organised and not so rudderless :-)

Ballpoint Tank / Ballpoint Tank, an Android game.
« on: Friday 2018-June-08 03:52:03 PM »
The doodles of a game developer have come to life on the pages of her
note pad.

Use the controls to steer a tank over maps, collecting armour,
ammunition and fuel.

Destroy enemy turrets to accumulate points. Once you have enough
points a boss will reveal itself.

Guide a tank and destroy 10 bosses.

Google Play:


Google Plus Community:

Web page:

Coin Flipper / Coin flipper randomly chooses heads or tails.
« on: Thursday 2018-May-24 11:11:32 AM »
With a single tap, Coin Flipper will randomly select heads or tails for you.

The results are continually saved so over time you will see how often each side of the coin is selected and also how many times one side or the other appears in a row.

Google Play:

Google Plus:


Home page:

Best regards

ESP Wheel / ESP Wheel, first release.
« on: Monday 2018-May-21 08:16:16 PM »
ESP Wheel is a casual game for Android. The player tests their ability
to guess the next symbol that the wheel will highlight.

You recieve 'hit' points when you guess correctly or 'miss' points
otherwise. Your score is continuously saved.

Google Play Store:

Amazon App Store:

G+ community:


Home Page:

Best regards


The future:

- Implement the latest version of OpenCV.
- Use JavaFX for the GUI.

These two features will change the software quite a bit and allow for other internal improvements.

A goal is to port logFarm DMS to: raspberry Pi

gkrellm theme downloader / First release.
« on: Saturday 2017-October-14 04:46:38 PM »

This application downloads all Gkrellm theme files, .tar.gz files listed on a web page and unpacks them.

The recommended download location is: ~/.gkrellm2/themes




Linux download:

General Discussion / Quality v Testing
« on: Saturday 2017-October-14 04:25:31 PM »

The terms 'Software Testing' and 'Software Quality' sometimes get
mixed synonymously. I want to separate the two terms for the purpose
of discussion.


Software testing

- Confirm whether software conforms to a set of requirements.
- If all requirements are met, the software can be considered: basic
- Until all requirements are met the software is less than 'basic'.

Software quality

- Is an emotive consensus.
- Is beyond 'basic' where 'basic' = quality 0
- Quality can be added after a product reaches a 'basic' level.


Apple Inc's aesthetic is synonymous with desirable, high quality
products, the greater the aesthetic the higher the quality.

An example of where 'quality' took priority over testing is the iPhone
4, which had a problem, it couldn't reliably make telephone calls.

Apple's response was: User error. Apparently users were holding the
device incorrectly.

Testing in this case was simply poor and the product did not:

- Conform to a set of requirements that included: make a telephone call.
- Apple sold a product that didn't measure up to: quality 0


Sales and Marketing can sell rain to the English.

This department is the heart and life blood of any business; product
is not as important.

If a product does not sell, the business dies [full stop]

What this department tells us about our product is as significant as
the process of testing and adding quality.

Where possible Marketing and Sales should be woven into the various
phases of a product's development.

Mana Born :: game / Mana Born
« on: Saturday 2017-September-02 10:31:41 PM »
A 2D platform hopping game.

A playable platformer, in an early stage of development. There are two maps a player can climb over, plus a death realm. Very few game elements have been added but since platform hopping is an essential part of the game, that activity should be fun all on its own.

In this demo:
The player will need to find yellow and green runes/keys to open yellow and green doors. Green doors lead to previous maps and yellow doors lead to the next map. A compass, top left, points the way to doors.

Google Play:

Google+ community:

youtube video:

General Discussion / System
« on: Sunday 2017-March-19 05:15:30 PM »

This author is (self diagnosed as) obsessive. Armed with a dustpan and
brush, cleaning materials and an endless supply of dustbin bags, they
would sweep, wipe and purge from rise to slumber. This is relevant
because it colours the way the author perceives the disordered
entities and systems all around us.

Based on personal experience of British society this text poses a
single question: Does it have to be this way?

Speak to those with long life experience, ask if they believe society
has become more rude, uncaring, selfish and dangerous; without
exception their reply will be: yes !

Currently (2017) the old chestnut of ‘Immigration’ is being blamed for
almost all of the country’s societal problems where loss of control is
the obvious foundation of people's worries. Yet for thousands of years
immigration has been essential to Britain’s technological progress, a
fact that still stands true today because without a regular flow of
new minds, a diverse gene pool and let's not forget: taxpayers,
Britain would crystallise.

Britain’s Ministry of Misinformation works relentlessly to convince us
that our problems are caused by external influences when in fact
Britain is infested with corrupt money monsters who are embedded
within every fold and level of Britain’s social ladder.


Those with authority, whom we expected to serve, solve problems and
protect us, are actually seen to be doing the opposite and worse, they
are complicit with activities that generate fear and anger, dividing
British society.

For example: British Police, their association with organised crime,
their willingness to sell information to anyone with cash; have been
shown to be complicit with every crime on the books.

Then what of the politicians who steal from the treasury so frequently
that few bat an eye when, following the exposure of their pilfering:

- they apologise

- then change laws to make their theft legal, calling it:

  - expenses
  - a performance bonus
  - a pay rise
  - a golden handshake

- ultimately they invent laws to make it illegal for the free press to
  report about these activities. I.e. Crime and Courts Act of 2013.

Then there's the ‘upstanding’ British institution: the BBC

The BBC extracts many billions of pounds annually from British citizens
in the form of a television tax called: The Television License.

People living in Britain with a television who don’t pay this annual tax are
put in prison and those who choose not to own a television are perpetually
threatened with imprisonment until they relent and pay the tax regardless.

The quantity of money the BBC receives annually from this tax alone,
in 2017, is in the region of ten BILLION pounds but the BBC refuses to
make public, proper financial accounts, instead speaks vaguely of how
much they actually receive and where their enormous income is spent
every year; and if this money laundering isn't enough to make the
reader blink, then google:

BBC paedophile ring

Massive income generates an equivalent amount of power, detaching the
money monsters from the law.

What penalty has the BBC suffered as a result of their money
laundering and other abuses? Nothing ! The same old guard govern that
foul beast.

The best that could be hoped for is a fine but no amount of financial
penalty could ever have a negative effect on an organisation that is
guaranteed to receive many-many billions of pounds every year.

The BBC beast, for some reason, is rarely, if ever criticised by other
media outlets, not even the almighty Murdock juggernaut dare stand up
to it because no matter how loud anyone shouts the BBC will always
have a bigger microphone.

The ‘banking system’ (a catch all term), is by any definition just
another great British organised crime syndicate! ...

If the fact that every fold of every layer of British society is
geared to fleece and molest was told in a fictitious ‘conspiracy’
novel, it would be dismissed as far fetched, misanthropic and

It’s well understood that money and power make people silly and even
though popular media regularly highlight some of these British
problems, the old guard remain unchanged, perpetuating their
corruption, mutating Britain into a country absent of trust, where its
citizens fear the same authorities who should be ensuring them

In Britain the act of speaking out against authority is problematic
and brutally shepherded by the British Police who have the power to
violently shut down protests.

Protesters are incarcerated, depending on the mood of the arresting
officer, without a requirement of evidence. The arrested have no legal
or practical method for preventing their incarceration.

Habeas Corpus be damned? What use is our Queen?

Once a victim-of or just a witness-to British Police corruption, life
is never the same; our cynicism is personified in uniformed arrogance.

The more corrupt a state’s authorities, the more power organised crime
wields; their relationship being symbiotic. It must then follow that
the non-nefarious who have no authority, are just meat, waiting for
their turn at the pie factory.

I use a synonym to describe the three groups of British citizenry:

- shepherds
- parasites
- sheep

where shepherds direct parasites to do their corrupt bidding, fleecing
and feasting off of the sheep, perpetuating a state of fear, enabling
shepherds to demand more powers in the name of the ‘current threat
status’ and ‘national security’.

However, this three group system of control is time limited and bound
to eventually fail because it’s a system of economics, an ecosystem,
destined to break as the numbers continually increase. Shepherds’
numbers grow, wielding power over more parasites who in turn require
more sheep to feed off.

In nature, dominance is temporary and economics can’t be fooled.

Shepherds' burden; they need ultimate control over those parasites who
dare to consider the possibilities of toppling their masters so
different types of parasites are introduced to cull the disobedient;
but who in turn will ultimately require culling themselves. Quite the
deadly spiral. This is what's known as: a false economy and the
madness of greed.

One day a tipping point arrives, an unexpected event occurs and the
shepherds lose grip, power crumbles; both shepherd and parasite find
themselves without allies, helpless and hopeless; vastly out numbered,
suddenly equalised, oblivious to the hoards of hungry, angry, mutated
carnivorous sheep who are now very much dominant and believe they have
little or nothing to lose.


Boxes, some unopened, gather dust under settees and chairs or stand
stacked against walls.

A skinny, door sized television bleats who-cares-what from one of the
many pay-for subscription channels.

A sticky and odorous dustbin stands in the hallway reeking of uneaten
takeaway food.

More odours waft from the washing bin, crammed to overflowing with
dirty clothes, some of which have been here so long that the clothes
at the bottom would no longer fit the child who last wore them, if by
some unusual circumstance they were to surface. Only the top few ever
get cleaned nowadays and many of those lay on the floor, landslip down
the side of this smelly cloth hill.

The cacophony of unpleasant smells includes pet excrement, the
intensity of which indicates a fresh batch has been excreted

Apparently broken, unused for years, a vacuum cleaner sits on its
backside. It just needs emptying but irrelevant because the debris
encrusting the floor is so thick a wheeled vacuum cleaner
couldn't navigate the terrain anyway.

So much stuff; so much so it has priority over hygiene.

Will there ever be a point when these people believe they have enough?

It’s a question usually met with a blank stare caused by the delusion
that if it can be seen then it or one just like it, can be acquired
with zero consideration regarding the implications of its ownership.

For example, speak about waste and of buying more of the things they
already have and their response is: bored contempt.

Then ask: “if not a waste of space then what about waste of your own
hard earned cash?”.

Same reaction.

What’s the logic? They must believe money is easy to come by and when
they have some then it must always be spent.

How many things can a person realistically use? Are there enough
hours in the day or week to make use of everything we own. Do we know
what’s in our inventory?

I’ve mentioned false economy with respect to greedy authority,
inevitably leading to their overthrow, well there is a false economy
with respect to the perpetual consumption of things we don’t need;
which is a thirst that can never be quenched.

Children behave selfishly because they are born with survival
instincts: get to the milk before your siblings or become weak but
education and maturity should bury these primitive attitudes.

Then what? How would our capitalist societies function if the sheep
purchased less. What would conversations consist of if people switched
off the television?


Graffiti from a lost friend / Introducing: Graffiti from a lost friend
« on: Friday 2017-March-10 10:01:32 AM »

The new game is called:

Graffiti from a lost friend

It's a free Android game and can be installed by:

- Clicking the Google Play icon on your smart phone and then searching
  Graffiti from a lost friend

- Point a desktop computer at:

  then let Google Play install it on your smart phone from there.

Set in a three dimensional environment, the player navigates by
touching controls on their screen.

This free version demonstrates the core of the game which should be
fun because if it isn't then it needs a rethink.

There are 62 rooms the player can access and explore; and although
empty at the moment, except for the odd growth of fungus and some
scribbles on whiteboards, each room is unique. The goal for the player
of this version is to simply visit all 62 rooms.

An Early Access, Preview Release; it would be fantastic if you could
give me some feedback to help me decide whether or not to continue


Lots of ideas are waiting in the wings to be added but if the core is
not interesting enough, then adding features wont help much.

Therefore development will now slow to a few hours a week as apposed
to eleven or more hours a day, while keeping an eye on installation
numbers and most importantly feedback comments.


This game started with the intention of making a sequel to

Fail fast.

Several prototypes were created but didn't maintain the players
interest for more than a few seconds so were scrapped.

Finally, a prototype was made where cube clusters were placed into a 3D
room, a room that the player could move around in 'Battle Zone' style:

My Guinea Pig players now stuck with it, even though a room's bland
grey surfaces were without textures and the absence of a ceiling
exposed the black void outside. Enough curiosity was sparked that
they would just traverse rooms looking for Cube Clusters.

I had found a game core.


ID software's Doom game is interesting because of the way it uses 2D
images in place of 3D models, where images have been drawn with 'depth
perspective' making them appear three dimensional. The images are then
continually rotated in game so they always face the player.

The game environment is then filled with complex-looking 3D objects
without the need for the computer to calculate and draw the many
surfaces of a real 3D object because they are in fact single surface
2D images.


There is one particular 'Let's Play' that I found
encouraging/motivating during my game's development:

IGN :: We Play Doom With John Romero

- libgdx

  Open Source game development framework.

- Blender

  Open Source 3D creation suite.


  Open Source image editor.

- Android studio

  Open Source official Android Integrated Development Environment.

- NetBeans

  Open Source Integrated Development Environment.


  Open Source Distributed Version Control System.

- Ubuntu and Lubuntu

  Open Source Operating Systems.


Home page:

Google Play:

General Discussion / Change
« on: Saturday 2016-October-29 09:22:00 PM »

The verb 'change' can cause defensive reactions depending on the
current state of affairs. is not changing, it's open for business as usual.

However moment to moment all things are changing. It's the author's
opinion that the noun 'time' is just a measure of change; A place
without change is a timeless place; so impossible.


- United Kingdom's exit from the European Union
- Job interview
- New software


The majority of UK's voting-able participated in a democratic process
to give our government instructions on whether UK territories should
cease being a member of the European Union.

The European Union's membership list has never reduced before, it has
only increased. The UK will be the first member to relinquish their
membership so if the UK's vote to exit was not met with a lively
reaction then perhaps that lack of interest would have been an even
greater controversial event.

This vote will set in motion a 'peaceful reorder' of territory
borders, trade agreements and migration freedom that the globe has not
seen since the end of a world war.

Whilst operating within the EU, some businesses, politicians and
education organisations have been able to take advantage of financial
handouts in the form of grants, expenses and tax relief. These bodies
are now obviously alarmed at the prospect of losing that constant flow
of free money and have responded with threats and negative
forecasts. In my opinion a response one might expect from organised

Corruption withing the European Union is well documented by Interpol
( It's delusional to believe the UK isn't
as corrupt as any other country but Interpol has highlighted an
obvious aid to organised crime that the European Union is unwilling to
stop: the minting of high value euro notes.

- €100
- €200
- €500

enabling the transit of huge amounts of currency within a small
volume. For example a brief case filled with €500 notes will contain a
lot of euros. It is difficult to reasonably believe that the €500 note
has any other purpose than facilitating organised crime, bribes and

The European Union is not just about wealth, yet regarding the UK's
exit from the EU, all negative forecasts and threats have all pointed
to the inevitable destruction of an economy; which, to this author,
has inadvertently pulled back the Wizard Of Oz curtain and revealed
the true nature of the European Union: it's nothing more than another
disappointing and corrupt wealth making mechanism for a deluded few.

The vociferous response from European Union members to Brexit is
immature but at the same time revealing.

After the shock and disappointment of this changing relationship,
mature adults should consider the good times and the positives, shake
hands and sincerely wish each other the best for the future.

This hasn't happened. Instead the EU membership list have reacted like
spoilt children; spitting threat after threat, making an example out
of the UK in an effort to deter other members and let them know what
they can expect if they dare to have a democratic vote to extract
themselves from the EU syndicate.

Considering the sacrifices that ordinary, unprivileged UK citizens
have historically made to help and protect the now EU member list,
such as millions of UK lives lost in defence of the Third Reich and
soon after the Berlin drops, all while ordinary, unprivileged UK
citizens' own food supply was rationed;

then: as difficult as this change may be for the UK, the European
Union's untamed true nature is clear and frankly: bring it on if you
think you're hard enough, you fucking ungrateful tossers !


There is a unique sense of fulfilment gained by working for your
self. A feeling I have never achieved while an employee.

That said, occasionally I look for job openings that seem relevant to
me to see what the salaries are, after all my fees should be akin.

In September 2016 I came across an opportunity in Milton Keynes,
UK. The description included:

- Java
- Object Oriented Programming
- Databases
- Adaption of open source software
- 2D or 3D modelling or animation

The information I was looking for was the salary, in this case:

- £32,000 to £37,000

By 2016 standards, for Information Technology, this is a low salary,
about £10,000 short of what an experienced Java programmer should
expect to be paid in the UK (2016).

The application process didn't require a CV, instead a cover letter,
employment history and a few references. I couldn't resist.

I felt certain I would get an automated reply within days telling me
that my application wasn't successful. After all a job advertised by the
Open University on the Internet was bound to receive hundreds of

Weeks passed and ... Surprise !! An e-mail: You have been short listed
for an interview.

Oh my gosh. I hadn't been for a job interview for fifteen years, more
or less.

The e-mail assigned me a task:

   We would like you to attend the interview prepared to present your
   thoughts and questions on the following brief:

   An academic has approached you to ask for advice on an activity to
   present the charts in the attached document on a web page as part
   of an academic module for university students. The activity should
   allow students to understand the nature of the original
   presentation and issues around poverty in general.

The attached, truncated document highlighted what the Northern Irish
consider to be 'poverty essentials', including an alcoholic drink and
a meal with friends and family.

The charts in the document were problematic; lots of data from
different parties, all represented by the same colour on the same

My approach for dealing with this request would be the same as when a
customer asks me for ideas:

- demonstrate a prototype in order to build a better, more concrete

That's what I did for this task. You can see my work here:


  my presentation notes


  the web page I made

Interview clobber; I arrive at the Open University and ... oh boy,
it's clean. I like clean, I am obsessive-compulsive regarding house
work and personal hygiene but crumbs; this place has a complete absence
of disorder.

I thought of Randle McMurphy as I was lead through a maze of corridors
and badge swipes. First impressions: not a place I want to spend time in.

Yet another waiting room, walls clad with scribbled white
boards. There seems to be a plan to force Twitter accounts on OU
students if the graffiti is to be believed.

I have opinions on Twitter so if the opportunity arose I would ask: why
use Twitter? Why not build your own dedicated OU coms system. If the
Open University can make a Martian-crater-maker, surely a chat-forum
application isn't beyond their wit.

Interview finally starts. First question: What do you like about

I was thrown and drone unconvincingly for too long.

The rest of the interview focused on JavaScript. I don't like
JavaScript. I know I don't like JavaScript based on my many
experiences using it. These guys were big fans though.

I told them I find Tomcat with Java Servlets more secure and
convenient but they countered that with: this job requires JavaScript
and assumes a student doesn't have access to the Internet so a remote
Tomcat server would not work.

Hang on a moment. In the job description there's a requirement for
database experience. Any database implementation would also be out of
the question if students don't have Internet access.

Quizzed about my software testing experience, I told them I had used
PERL for various automation and parsing tasks, to which the guy with
the Apple laptop asked, (without looking up from his screen): what about
the PERL problem?

I wasn't aware of the 'PERL problem' so I asked what that was. He
said: PERL can be difficult to read.

I was asked how I find solutions to programming problems. I
replied: books, Google, StackOverflow; to which MacBook-Man retorted:
what about the StackOverflow problem?

Again, I had no idea what he was talking about but a pattern was
definitely forming. The interview continued in this discouraging
manner for about an hour; A question would be asked, I would answer
while, at the same time, MacBook-Man either stared at his screen or at
the clock on the wall behind me.

In the end apparently there was little time (and little interest) in
my presentation. Finally MacBook-Man got out of his chair with a sigh
and lead me out of the building.

I asked if the OU would consider making their own dedicated chat-forum
application instead of forcing Twitter accounts on the students but it
was dismissed patronisingly with: ... why not just use twitter

I could have batted it back at them with either:

- but what about those students without Internet access ?


- what about the Twitter problem ?


In retrospect I dealt with the interviewers as I would a customer:
answer the question being asked, don't imagine any hidden meaning. Do
this with examples and-or demonstrations. Ambiguity between customer
and supplier destroys profits.

However these people are academics, they speak in code. Their
questions have many dimensions ...

Give up my current self-invented job for that one ? No thanks.


All of my games will get a new version.

- a new Android version of all games

- a free demonstration version

- a pay-for full version

- a free demonstration JavaScript version run inside a web page

A friend, it turns out, is a genius games designer. It was from one
of her ideas that Cube Cracker accidentally emerged.

With her advice I will be working on Cube Cracker II first.

General Discussion / When requesting login
« on: Friday 2016-September-09 12:28:28 PM »
Dear reader,

If you would like to add comments, etc to this forum please click the 'g+' link at the top of and ask to join by posting on the G+ Community page. You are very welcome to use that  G+ Community to post too.

Thousands of spam bots request log on credentials. They make it too time consuming to administer so registration from these forum pages has been disabled.

Yours faithfully
John Smith

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