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grey hat :: game / Text to speech stopped working
« on: Wednesday 2015-July-22 01:14:55 PM »
Grey Hat The Game makes use of Android's Text-to-Speech facility.

On my Nexus 7 (2012) which is running Android 5.1.1, the Text-to-Speech facility stopped working.

- tap the white 6-dot-circle button to display the list of applications

- locate the Settings cog icon, not the Google Settings cog icon. Being in alphabetical order, the 'Settings' cog icon will appear after the Google one.

- tap the Settings cog icon

- at the bottom of the Settings screen you will find: Accessibility

- tap Accessibility

- at the bottom of the Accessibility screen you will find: Text-to-speach output

-tap Text-to-speach output

- to the right of 'Google Text-to-speech engine' there is another cog, tap it

- yet another 'Settings screen', at the bottom you will find: Install void data, tap it

- locate a language and tap it

- you will be presented with male and female data download options

- tap to download one or both

After the download has completed your text to speech will hopefully start working again.

Cube Cracker :: game / jMonkey :: Cube Cracker
« on: Friday 2015-March-27 03:18:49 PM »
Cube Cracker was the first program I wrote using the jMonkeyEngine (

It only took a day to complete the first iteration.

The game stores and retrieves all players' scores to and from an OpenShift server.

jMonkey makes it easy to export your Java application code to an Android project. This is what I did and then added the Android version to Google Play.

A few iterations later, I added an Android version to Amazon.

jMonkey also makes it easy to build Linux, Mac and Windows versions of your program along with the necessary native operating system libraries so I still had these PC versions I hadn't made available for download yet.

Amazon allows us to upload PC applications, (Java applications included) for people to download and pay for. The problem is however: anyone can upload a PC application but only those from the United States of America can actually give their application a price.

I didn't know this and since the Amazon web site allowed me to give my application a price of 'one dollar' I didn't get a sense that there were any problems.

Cube Cracker had its status changed from: 'submitted' to: 'approved'. Things looked like they were moving along, if at a snails pace, Anytime now Cube Cracker would be available for download ... but the 'approved' status never changed.

In the end I sent a support message to Amazon to ask why. It turns out that because I an not from the US, PC applications can only be free and will only ever be available from their .com web site, not or any other extension.

Then I did what I should have done in the first place and simply added a download from web page

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