Android game

A 2D platform hopping game.

A playable platformer, in an early stage of development. There are two maps a player can climb over, plus a death realm. Very few game elements have been added but since platform hopping is an essential part of the game, that activity should be fun all on its own.

In this demo:
The player will need to find yellow and green runes/keys to open yellow and green doors. Green doors lead to previous maps and yellow doors lead to the next map. A compass, top left, points the way to doors.

The following story has been used to inspire goals and mechanics:

The ability to manipulate energy with a trained mind may seem like magic to some; but when all creatures from a Box Mouse to the Great Valley Lizards are hatched with a sense of Mana, evolution will erase those unable to take advantage.

It is this ability that enabled cities to be formed from dirt, to reinforce cave ceilings, produce artificial light, divert flowing rivers and recycle waste, with little more than a collective purpose.

So our industrialised communities of old grew not on the grassy surface but below, within volcanic cathedrals underground beyond the reach of hungry beasts and fierce whether.

The popular taste for technological progress keeps the wheels of commerce turning ever faster, ever more energy hungry. The Hundreds of thousands of power stations that now energise the utilities that the Mana skilled once provided, has lead some to assert that we are nearing a time beyond the need for the Martial Art of Mana, a practice that's seen as old and vulgar by young, well fed generations.

Surface dwellers maintain Power Station chimneys to ensure the safe ventilation of hot toxic gases but in their spare time, using their engineering genius, have built beautiful 'day-light' towns of luxurious living spaces, including hotels for Surface Tourism.

A political situation has been building regarding Power Stations' exhaust and how it is effecting the atmosphere and the whether. In short, acid rain is changing the environment on the surface and bound to cause problems for the under-landers.

There's a solution, another energy source that is clean, long lasting and efficient: Resonating Gems

A Resonating Gem conversion would make fossil fuel redundant but at the same time cause an even more chaotic issue because the old way of doing things employs many, many people.

Doing nothing is not an option. It's believed that a gradual conversion, from old to new would be the best compromise.

As a Conversion Specialist your job is to visit each Power Station and make the modifications. Your duties will include:

  • Searching for and acquiring the Resonating Gems.
  • Locate the Power Stations as they are listed on your work sheet and carry out the necessary modifications.
  • Mana-facture or purchase your own tools.
Be aware that the political situation on the ground may be a little more intense than you expect.

The nature of this work is classified as National Security which licenses you to use 'necessary' force in order to gain access or protect yourself.

Gems can be obtained by mining them or purchasing them from enterprising individuals but prices may fluctuate. You will be reimbursed for any expenses on job completion but please keep receipts.

An Early Access, Preview Release; it would be fantastic if you could give me some feedback to help me decide whether or not to continue development.

As always, best regards and thanks for taking the time.


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